At the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley (HSTV), we offer dog training to help owners manage their pet’s behavior. Through a grant from the Pedigree Foundation, our highly skilled dog trainers offer group and private classes. We also proudly support the Heroes & Hounds program, a dog training program for military veterans.

Class TypeAdoptersPublic
Group - introductory package (3 classes)$40$60
Group - per session$20$30
In-home - introductory package$80$100
In-home - per session$40$50

We welcome pet adopters from both HSTV and Young Williams Animal Center to enjoy our discounted rate. We require that all dogs be on a flat buckle or martingale collar for training. No pinch or prong collars, please.

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Group Classes

Our classes, held on-site at HSTV, are innovative and unique.

• We limit each group class to 5 dogs, to ensure each animal get personalized attention
• All classes cover a variety of common behavior and training issues
• We offer an introductory package of buy 2 and get one free or pay as you go classes
• We offer a variety of available class times

All dogs and puppies are required to be up-to-date on Rabies and Distemper/Parvo Vaccines before attending orientation. Bordatella vaccine is highly recommended.

Private Classes

HSTV understands that group classes are not for everyone. We offer private classes either in- home or at HSTV for anyone with concerns that their dog may not do well in a group setting.

Private classes might be recommended depending on the behaviors you want to address with your dog. Behaviors that could put other dogs or people at risk are best addressed in a controlled, private setting.

In-home classes are available within a 20-mile radius of HSTV.

Meet our trainers

All classes are led by Certified Dog Trainers who utilize positive science-based training methods. We discourage the use of pain, fear or coercion to modify or manage behavior.

Contact our trainers directly at


Heroes & Hounds


Heroes & Hounds is a program that teaches military veterans the proper skills needed to train dogs. Veterans work one-on-one with our shelter dogs, following a structured program.

For more information on Heroes & Hounds, contact Michelle White at or 865-566-3039/865-573-9675.