Changes are coming to our training program starting January 6, 2018! Space is limited, call to reserve your “spot” today! The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley (HSTV), can schedule or refer you for low cost dog training. We will offer basic obedience classes or one-on-one classes to address specific behaviors at our shelter.

Class TypeOnly
Basic Obedience Package (Group class - 3 classes)
Behaviors/skills addressed in group obedience classes include but not limited to:  Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off, Heel, No, Focus, Leave it, Potty training, Leash walking, Jumping, Nipping, Chewing, Crate training.
Specific behavior issues
Behaviors/skills addressed in one-on-one sessions include but not limited to:
 Separation Anxiety, Fear based issues, Resource guarding, Reactive to people, Reactive to other dogs, Lack of socialization, Biting.
In-Home Classes (30 mile radius from zip 37865)
Behaviors/skills addressed in in-home sessions include but not limited to:  Nuisance Barking, Reactive to guests coming into house, Getting along with other dogs, Very fearful dogs

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All classes are led by Certified Dog Trainers who utilize positive science-based training methods. We discourage the use of pain, fear or coercion to modify or manage behavior.

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Heroes & Hounds

Heroes & Hounds is a program that teaches military veterans the proper skills needed to train dogs. Veterans work one-on-one with our shelter dogs, following a structured program. There are many heroes in the field of animal lifesaving, but at HSTV the heroes have saved lives even before stepping into a shelter. These returning veterans volunteer for HSTV’s Heroes and Hounds Program to work with at-risk dogs who need a little more special attention to get ready for adoption. And who better to give it than the men and women who have so courageously served in our military?

The result is a win-win-win for the veterans and the dogs. Since the Heroes and Hounds program started, HSTV has seen a 50% reduction in length of stay and a 50% increase in their save rate. And the heroes? “I really take pride in what I do,” says Ashley McMeans, a retired Air Force veteran and Heroes and Hounds’ first veteran trainer. “When a dog gets adopted, it’s just the best feeling knowing that I contributed. I’m much happier now that I’m able to serve my community in a positive way.” For more information on Heroes & Hounds, contact Michelle White at or cell: 865-566-3039. Check out this short film about the Heroes & Hounds program.