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  • Getting to Know You
  • Have you volunteered for HSTV before? If yes, when and what was your reason for leaving?
  • Do you have previous volunteer experience with another organization?
  • Why do you want to volunteer with HSTV?
  • Are you volunteering to fulfill court ordered community service? If yes, please give a brief description of the charges and the hours required.
  • Are you volunteering for a class or institutional organization? If yes, what class or institution and how many hours are required.
  • Do you have previous experience working with animals? If so, what type of experience?
  • Please not that HSTV is not responsible for any injuries or damages incurred during your participation in the HSTV volunteer program.

    Please list any allergies or medical conditions.
  • Please your available times throughout the week.
  • Please list the positions your are interested in.
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  • We like to keep volunteers informed of important news, schedules, and volunteer opportunities by either mail or email, however will not send you any mail you prefer not to receive. Use the checkboxes below to select the kinds of mail you would like to receive from us.

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  • By attending volunteer orientation and signing below, I hereby acknowledge that my services are provided strictly on a volunteer basis, without any compensation of any kind and at my own risk without any liability of any nature on behalf of the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley (HSTV). Therefore, no insurance against bodily harm is provided for me. I agree to release HSTV from any responsibility for any and all injuries or damages incurred during my participation in the HSTV volunteer program. I understand that it is against HSTV policy to be on any of our properties or event without my own transportation. I understand that failure to comply with any of the policies and regulations of HSTV may result in my being terminated from the volunteer program. I understand anyone under the age of 18 is a minor and must have a signed consent form from a parent or guardian. Anyone without a valid Driver’s License must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. *A physical copy of this consent form will be signed at orientation for HSTV's records. All volunteers under the age of 18 must also have a consent form signed by a parent.
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