At HSTV, we are always looking for great volunteers to help us with our mission.

While volunteering with HSTV you might be working on the floor with animals or assisting in our day-to-day operations. There are also occasional opportunities to help off-site where you can inform the public about our organization and educate others about our mission.

Volunteer Requirements:
Valid Driver's License
$10 T-Shirt Fee
Donate 1 hour a month to stay active in volunteer system
Access to Transportation
Attend Orientation Session
* Volunteers under 18 must have parent/guardian consent

Ready to sign-up? Fill out the online Volunteer Application and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Interested in Court Ordered Community Service hours? Please fill out the online COCS Application.

Check out our HSTV Volunteer Manual – May 2017 for expanded volunteer descriptions.

Just a few of the volunteer opportunities available at HSTV:Volunteer Position Description
Adoption AmbassadorAssist Adoption Counselors on the Adoption Floor.
Animal TransportTransport animals between partner shelters & HSTV.
Be Their VoiceInform and educate the community at local venues & events.
Clerical AssistantAssist staff with large mailings, organization, and document preparation for adoption.
Clinic AssistantAssist spay/neuter clinic staff: clean and organize the clinic after surgery.
Donation TechSort & distribute donated items throughout the facility.
Donation TransportPick up donations from area locations and deliver to HSTV.
Education AssistantAssist the Education Coordinator in teaching humane education to local students.
Enrichment TechWork one-on-one with animals using toys, puzzles, and games.
Hiking HoundsCheck out a dog during program hours & go on a hike!
Kennel AssistantAssist Kennel Techs with the animals includes walking animals, cleaning cages & more!
Special Events CrewWork special events at HSTV or around town, setup/breakdown booths & engage with public.

Junior Volunteers

We welcome volunteers ages 12-18 without a driver’s license if joined by parent/guardian. We require that the parent/guardian also attend orientation and purchase a volunteer t-shirt.

Group Volunteering

If you have a group of volunteers who would like to offer their time to our organization, please don’t hesitate! HSTV welcomes groups of volunteers to help with large tasks that require many hands. If you are interested in volunteering with a group of friends, family, or co-workers, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Community Service/Court-ordered Volunteering

HSTV does accept court-ordered volunteers on a very limited basis. All individuals must present documentation verifying type of offense. All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, have no criminal record in sexual offense, theft, violent crimes or animal cruelty. Court ordered community service volunteers are required to pay a $75 (non-refundable) fee to cover their uniform and their background check.

HSTV reserves the right to refuse any court-ordered volunteers for offenses not listed above. To learn more, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Foster Program

Fostering is a great way to volunteer at HSTV. Fostering means temporarily housing a puppy, dog, kitten or cat in a home to help the animal get healthy and socialized so that they can be successfully adopted into a permanent home.

What is involved in being a foster parent?

Fostering does require a great deal of responsibility and time commitment. As a foster parent, you are expected to spend time every day cleaning, feeding and socializing the animal. The shelter will provide most or all supplies for fostering and all medical care. Supplies include food, medicine, dog pens, crates, bowls, towels, newspaper, gloves – whatever is needed to help you and the animal be a success. HSTV maintains legal guardianship of all animals in foster care and their medical needs are covered by HSTV.

I’m interested – what is the next step?
Please fill out the Foster Application.

You can email to foster@humanesocietytennessee.com or mail to
Attn: Foster Program
PO Box 51723
Knoxville, TN 37950

Heroes & Hounds



Heroes & Hounds is a program that teaches military veterans the proper skills needed to train dogs. Veterans work one-on-one with our shelter dogs, following a structured program.

For more information on Heroes & Hounds, contact Michelle White at training@humanesocietytennessee.com or 865-566-3039/865-573-9675.