Team Staff and Board

Our Team

HSTV Staff

Amy Buttry
Executive Director
865-573-9675 ext 107

Lisa Price
Director of Operations
865-573-9675 ext 115

Spay/Neuter Clinic Manager

Kris Lutz
Director of Development
865-573-9675 ext 114

Gwen Schablik
Public Relations & Database Manager
865-573-9675 ext 108

Michelle White
Training and Enrichment Coordinator
865-573-9675 ext 106

Cera Smith
Volunteer Coordinator
865-573-9675 ext 110

Nathan McGhee
Humane Education Coordinator
865-573-9675 ext 117

2017 Board of Directors

Joseph N. Clarke, Jr. – President
Beth Schultheis – Vice President
Sharon Gigliotti – Secretary
Tammy Kaousias, Treasurer

Patrick Hackett, DVM
Pamela Halcomb
Terry Basista
Cathryn Tinsley Youmans, DVM
Carol Fusco
NJ Pesci
Jenny Hines