The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley

The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley is a 501c3 no-kill rescue and adoption facility located in Knoxville, Tennessee. HSTV is committed to its relationships with other shelters in the region, primarily by transferring some of their at risk animals to our building for adoption. We offer a low cost spay/neuter/vaccination clinic, dog training, educational services and volunteer programs thanks to the generous support of our community of donors. We don’t believe that simply because of “lack of space,” euthanasia is the solution. It’s Time to end euthanasia in East Tennessee by 2025 and HSTV is leading the effort. We welcome, and thank you for your support.

The Mission of the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley is to provide Solutions to end the euthanasia of adoptable animals: Adopt, Spay, Keep. 



Find the newest member of your family. View photos, learn about the adoption process, and find great resources.



Costs, policies, and information about spay and neuter services offered by our on-site clinic.


Find resources for keeping healthy, happy and well-behaved pets. Learn about low-cost training and care for your new family friend.


Across the nation people are rejecting the euthanasia of adoptable animals as an acceptable solution to the problem of pet homelessness. For a list of communities that have achieved or are working towards the no-kill movement please see

Through united and innovative efforts, communities are enacting real solutions, and so can we! 

How can you help? Donate Today. 

To see the 11 components to achieving no-kill please see The No-Kill Equation.


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